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tutorial build a wind turbine propeller makers Manufacturing Example of an axial flux generator and a permanent magnet

Understand and master the construction of a wind turbine:

This "build wind turbine" for makers is the introduction of tutorial build a wind turbine propeller, which gives an example of the method for designing the turbine blade with heliciel..

Before manufacturing a wind turbine we have chosen the wind turbine type we wish to build and we are aware of the wind energy that we hoped to capture, (so we know the length of the blades to build the wind speed rated and we have an estimate of the power that the generator will receive) .

Building a wind turbine, is to create a power generator. The components of a wind turbine are many, some will be purchased, among those that we will build, we will focus here on the key component: the construction of the wind turbine blades.

build three-blade wind turbine

Heliciel focuses on the manufacture of the turbine propeller of the wind turbine. The type of generator is made aware of the power that we have planned to capture. The characteristics of the generators are different according to the solutions used. Whatever solution is adopted, the generator will provide us with a power function of the rotational speed. That we want to build wind turbine, is connected to a pump or a generator, a knowledge of the torque curve to the shaft (generator or pump) depending on the speed of rotation is needed.The rotation speed at optimum efficiency of the pump or generator must be known, because we try to make it correspond to the optimum rotation speed of our wind turbine.

Build an effective wind turbine, need to choose a wind speed of reference, and adapt the wind turbine by choosing the geometry and number of blade to match the best, the optimum speed of the propeller and the optimum speed generator.. series of interactive maps winds around the world, integrated in software hélicie

wind map for wind turbine installation

The héliciel software can test geometries profiles and numbers of blades, until obtaining the propeller wind turbine to provide the best performance to the optimum rotation speed.Heliciel calculating the optimal twist of the blades and the optimal rotational speed according to the selected profiles. For more information see the phases of wind turbine and propeller design .