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Propellers MultiRotors Drones VTOL Multicopter:

design and optimize Multirotor Drone Propellers.

3D modeling and design of Drone Propellers, VTOL:

The design of multirotor propellers, depending on the number of propellers and the counter-rotating arrangement or not, has been integrated into the Heliciel propeller design software, in an interface specially dedicated to the modeling of multirotors and multicopters:

Multirotor drone VTOL propellers

A multirotor or multicopter is a flying machine with more than two lift-generating rotors. Mastery of design drone propellers is essential for drone professionals, who must adapt the propellers of their multirotor drone according to their projects. FPV pilots who manufacture their own custom drone propeller, and professional drone manufacturers, wishing to optimize their industrial multirotor drones with specific propellers, must master the manufacturing of multirotor drone propellers to offer flight and performance performance. respectable autonomy.

propeller drones taxi vertical takeoffExample of taxi drone (airbus) with propellers in variable configuration for vertical takeoff and horizontal flights...

A multirotor or multicopter is a flying machine with more than two lift-generating rotors.

various vertical take-off craft projects

The various projects for vertical take-off machines, such as VTOLs, taxi drones or quadricopter drones, octocopters, etc. used for photography, transport of packages, geographic measurements, archeology and other applications using multirotors.

FPV drone equipped with cinema camera for sports reports

Example: eight contra-rotating propellers equip this customized FPV Drone for transporting a cinema camera for sports reports (ski competitions, car races, etc.) requiring autonomy and power, produced byr

contra-rotating propeller design tool integrated into Heliciel propeller design software

The multi-rotor propeller design tool, integrated into the HELICIEL software since version 11.0.00, has load test functions and calculations of maximum transport speeds, depending on the rotation speeds and propeller characteristics . The shape of the blades, the profiles, the dimensions of the chords and diameters, or the shape of the generators, can of course also be configured via the Heliciel propeller design interface, which remains active in parallel with the use of the multi tool. rotors.

The simulation of power consumption performance, and lift generation at various horizontal displacement angles, allows the designer to export the propeller geometry in 3D STL or IGES format. These 2 3D propeller formats were selected respectively, for their ease of use in 3D printers for STL, and for the quality of smoothing the surface twists of the blades for the IGS format used in aeronautical projects with precision. significant machining.

logiciel de conception des drone propeller design software based on flight angle

In the multirotor propeller design tool integrated into the Heliciel software, the propeller configuration parameters of MultiRotor projects are numerous, they allow a wide variety of configurations, with or without blade tip ring (ducted propellers), in single stage , or counter-rotating, with axial distances between propellers that can be modified. The number of propeller arms, their width, the dimensions of the basic frame and the on-board modules are configured. These adjustments influence the drag resistance, and therefore the energy performance and the transport capacity of the rotor system thus modeled.

conception des helices design of the propellers according to the on-board weights and flight speed of the multirotor

This multi-rotor interface for optimizing propellers for a specific project is therefore a valuable aid for the designs of VTOL propellers, shooting drones, camera transports, measurement systems, parcel transports, taxis or prototypes whose performances propellers must be optimal.

Here is the video tutorial for using the drone or multirotor propeller design interface of the Heliciel software: