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Understand and master the Wind power used by wind turbines:

The wind power is the energy of the wind, but from where does the wind comes?

Meanwhile the wind turbine energy is a path we need to master to increase our energy independence.

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Wind energy converted into electricity:
We have seen in the history of the propeller that domestication of wind energy has emerged since a long time ... But now the energy took a universal form, electricity,Universal, but not perfect . Electrical energy is the most practical in many angles but has defects:

.cost of using enginespumping cost

  • transport of electricity causes line losses :(0.9)
  • storage of electricity is expensive and poorly controlled, batteries efficiency are around 0.7_0.8
  • transformers also create a performance loss :0.85 à 0.98
  • if you need the rectifier output :0.9 à 0.98
  • a possible gear unit in the chain of transformation efficiency: 0.7 à 0.98
  • The performance of the wind turbine propeller which can vary from 0.2 a 0.85 of the betz limit in the best case..
So much remains to be done, inventors who win a few tenths of a point of efficiency on any part of the chain, can save a fortune on energy for factories, individuals and states. The energy sector, retains creation potential with infinite wealth! At all levels, whether it's new range of low friction bearing, PC fan or air conditioning fan , Products with the best efficiency are now selected on priorit.
Amount of wind turbine energy:
Build a wind turbine for the sake of capturing wind energy is poetic but this is rarely the final goal of the manufacturer. The investment must be profitable, through energy production, whose value should be greater than the investment.
What are the factors of the power of the wind turbine and thus the wind turbine energy produced?
P= 0.5 X Density X S X (speed)³




<<< between 14 and 36% of the energy >>>> The capture efficiency of wind energy is abysmal, pitiful, pathetic, poor .... A little quiet, it is relative: the wind energy is free! After having repaid the investment and paid maintenance, it's all good and it's clean. Nuisances , they are not to neglect Local noise, aesthetics, disturbance of birds) are more easily managed as radioactive waste, CO2 emisions or flood valleys. Then build the wind turbines, build your energy and be of those who have this enigmatic smile when they feel the wind rises. Make use of wind energy!

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