Modeling aerial propeller in heliciel Modeling boat marine propeller ineliciel Modelisation helice ventilation dans heliciel Modeling propeller ventilation in heliciel tidal turbine modeling in heliciel Kaplan propeller modeling in heliciel
type of calculation of propeller or wings
Choosing the type of study and purpose of our propeller or wing
4 types of studies and goals are achievable with Heliciel:
  1. Propulsion propellers (boat propellers, propeller aircraft, helicopters propellers ...)
  2. Propellers pressure based on flow (propeller ventilation propellers axial pump ...)
  3. Propellers energy harvesting (aeroengine, wind turbines, tidal turbine , turbine axial Kaplan ...)
  4. Wings and foils (wings, fins, foils, hydrofoils, sails, fins, rudders, rudder, airships, hull ...)

study wind turbine propeller hydrofoil wings


The basic models are projects prepared with the basic settings corresponding to eight basic types of projects: