Discovery software calculation propeller turbines wings HELICIEL
Discovery software calculation propeller turbines wings HELICIEL
Heliciel software displays tooltips when the mouse pointer is over an area, but a presentation of the interface, will give you the overview, needed to start with HELICIEL:

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  1. Area 1 of updating / re built lets you update the optimum twist and propeller performance.e.
    • Rebuilding the optimum twist and calculate performance. Heliciel uses the database performance profiles to apply the optimum twist, corresponding to the operating conditions imposed. The twist and performance are updated and software status is :New design
    • update performance off design: If you have only changed the speed or velocity of the fluid without touching the geometry of the blade, you have modified only the operating point. Performance can be recalculated without changing the twist. This is useful if you want to know the performance of your propeller,when the conditions are different from the point of design.Only performance will be updated, and the state the software will be:Off design
  2. Area 2 displays the user's parameters overview
  3. Area 3 "results" is visible only when you click on one of the two choices of updates: If you change a parameter that invalidates the results,area result disappears and updates buttons are reactivated.
  4. Area 4 is the entry area parameters and display 3d model. It is in this area that you are working more often . Tabs parameters are organized by design phases:


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