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Swept area from the propeller

surface helice

swept area of the propeller blades is located on the plane of rotation.The surface or disc swept by the propeller is:
The real swept area is smaller because the blade root is located at a certain distance from the propeller shaft.

surface balayée et surfaces de pale

Area covered by the blades :
The developed surface area of a blade:
The developed surface of a blade is determined by the total of average areas of the elements of the blade. The average surfaces of the blades are calculated using the average chord of the element:
The area covered by the propeller is the sum of the surfaces of the blades:
The area ratio covered by the propeller:
The area ratio covered by the propeller aAffects the optimum rotation speed: One of the key factors limiting the speed of rotation, being the interaction between the blades, optimize the speed of rotation of our propeller involves finding the optimum number of blade.

passage between blades