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Resistance of the propeller blade of the wind turbine wing
A test of resistance of the blade wing or propeller wind turbine is started automatically at each reconstruction design of the blade and each performance test.

resistance blade propeller

A graph, giving a maximum allowable moment for each element of the blade, and the applied moment in the operating conditions tested , is created each performance test. Changing the width of the profiles of the blade may be useful for increasing the resistance..
Here alerts resistances are shown in red, indicating that the blade will no tresist to current conditions

resistance blade

To control the thicknesses of elements go into law thickness profile, this allows you to manually adjust the thickness distribution profiles of your blade. After a slight increase in the thickness of the blade profile is more resistant, but remains alert rupture on the elements of the tip:

resistance mecanique helice

Again a small increase in thickness, and the resistance is correct, but the power factor decreased to 0.5 while it was 0.6 before (I went a bit much). Thicker profiles are underperforming, I have to find a compromise .....

rupture pale helice

You can also create materials with textures of your choice to each element of the blade using Tab 2 blade geometry / advanced options / Elements frame geometry:

blade material

modification blade material