Modeling ship screw propeller heliciel
ship screw propeller history
We have seen in the history of the screw propeller emerge gradually the shape of the current propeller.
Here we will make a (very) fast enumeration, of course incomplete, different technical developments in boat propellers, between 1750 and 1900, to become aware of what has been done by our fathers.... before seeing ways of screw propeller propulsion , currently used on boats.
In 1752 the Academy of Sciences of Paris offered a range of prices that brought a significant contribution in the shipbuilding .Bernoulli, Euler, D'Alembert worked on the problem. Bernoulli proposed a screw propeller which won a prize and who looked like this:

bernoulli 1752

Bernoulli 1752

30 years later, Bramah offers a system with a screw propeller shaft located below the waterline as this:

Bramah 1785

Bramah 1785

In 1802 Shorter offers a propeller that could propel sailboats when great calm .The shaft propeller remaining above the waterline no waterproofing was necessary. This ship screw propeller was intended to be manipulated by men using a capstan.

Shorter 1802

Shorter 1802

In 1836 Erricson draws a contra rotating ship screw propeller:

Erricson 1836

Erricson 1836

Taylor en 1838

Taylor 1838

1849 Griffith draws a self-propeller (variable pitch) which could set flag:

1849 Griffith

1849 Griffith

1851 Mangin attempts to increase the thrust of the screw propeller blade separating into two portions

helice mangin

In 1860, Hirsh filed a patent on a ship screw propeller possessing a ditribution of twisting, but also distribution of the radial positioning angle of the profiles::

helice hirsh


Griffith in 1871 resumed the idea of ​​Mangin separate the blade in two, but only a portion of the blade of the screw propeller:

helice grifith

Zeise in 1886, continued the development of the distribution of the pitch, increasing the pitch of the elements near the blade root, in order to increase the efficiency of the propeller area.

helice Ziese

1901 Zeise experimenting screw propellers, with flexible blades:

helice flexible zeise

In 1907 Taylor injects air on the upper surface of the blade of the screw propeller to reduce cavitation:

helice tailor


Innumerable other attempts and experiments in propellers, of course, been carried, we flew over quickly the evolution of the shape of boat propellers.Nowadays, the shape of the screw propellers is still evolving, and system invented to increase performance are numerous .Proof if it were needed, that the history of the screw propeller is far from complete ....