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Propellers blades twist and profile pitch

Understand and master the propellers blades twist and profile pitch:

Twisting of the propeller blade, is the angle between the profile chord of the blade tip, and the profile chord of the blade root. twisting of the blade can adjust the profiles angle of incidence, depending on the variation of apparent angles, seen by the profiles from the foot to the blade tip.The twist angle of the blade shows the torsion of the blade.

Propellers blades twist and profile pitch

Technically it is more practical to measure the angle of the chords of profiles of the blade with the rotation plane of the blade. The angle between the chord profile and the plane of rotation is called the pitch angle of the profile.

blade profile setting

the blade pitch is sometimes mentioned, the value of this pitch is meaningful only if we know the distance to the axis where it was noted . Most often it is the value of pitch profile noted to 0.75 times the radius of the blade tip. It may also be given to the blade tip. It is therefore important to know the position where the blade pitch was noted to set this value!

The blade can be mounted to pivot on its axis, in this case we have a variable pitch, twisting of the blade n 'is not affected by the variation of the pitch.